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About me

Hi, I'm Mateusz!

I live in Poland and on the daily basis I'm working as manager and certified coach in one of the big IT corporations.

Starting, when I was 14 years old I've made decission that I will be software developer and will work in big company! Then I've started to learn coding. It was a good decision from perspective of time. Now day to day I'm supporting team of subordinates with both development or manageral skills related to their position still working with customers and securing software delivery.

If you would like to work with me, please check Managerial Coaching section.

Mateusz MierzwiƄski

Managerial Coaching

Short introduction

Working as a manager in small companies same as big corporations requires decissions made on the fly - daily basis. Managerial coaching is all about tools that you can use to validate, that decissions that you've made are best for you, your career, subordinates and in general - company.

Giving tools is what in coaching is all about. If you have problem with finding your career path, validating already made decissions or the ones, that you will be required to make, please use button below and register for first, matching session durring what we will speak about your needs, expectations from managerial coaching sessions and check if we can work together.

Matching session

Matching session is first session that you need to make before deciding to order any set of sessions (3 and above). It's payed once in advance before session will take place. It's for your convinience as we both need to know if we will build coaching relation - trust, openess and two way role in process understanding.

Pricing and registration (important)

Matching sessions take up to 1 hour so please reserve some place in your calendar. If you will skip session later than 3 days before agreed date you will be required to pay for this session even if it has not been made.

Pricing for matching session: 120PLN (for up to 1 hour meeting)

Pricing for next sessions: depending on coaching contract lenght (check here)

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Need more details about Managerial coaching?

What we can speak about? (Examples)

During coaching sessions we can speak about:

  • Personal Career Growth Plan, your vision of career path and required skills that you need to get or build.
  • Frustration of existing work and possibility to improve situation or introduce change.
  • Decision about leave or stay in existing company.
  • Time management and possibilities to improve your current state.
  • Issues with customer or subordinates, communication, building relations.
  • Implementation of change management.
  • Issues with collaboration in your team.

Provided examples are just to show you possible scope. You can work with me on any topic. Each session is focusing on other topic or taking next steps in agreed plan. During session we can speak about any issue that you have with understanding, that priorities for you can change during session.

How session looks like?

Session is based on ICF (International Coach Federation) defined process and in most cases aligned to GROW coaching process method. During session we will form a SMART goals, discuss existing reality, define options and wrap up (commit) to action. All decisions will be made by yourself and there will be absolutely no suggestion from my side how to resolve your issue.

No suggestions allowed?

Yes. Coaching is all about giving approperate tools - asking questions. You will use them to reach your goal based on decissions that you've made. If we will not make any progress then whole process will be stopped and your upcomming sessions will be canceled.

Detailed coaching pricing plan

The coaching contract

During matching session we will discuss coaching contract. Within there will be decided by you, how you would like to work - faster or slower, dig into details, expecting more help or less. Lot of variables will be known during mathching session and proposal from my side will be presented to you. Each proposal that I've created is based on set of meetings (minimal 3: introduction/investigation, actual work and improvements, summary of plan). For your convinience I've created pay plans that will help you with estimating budget for our meetings.

Plan (meetings count)Price per meetingPrice in total
3 meetings460 PLN1380 PLN
5 meetings420 PLN2100 PLN
7 meetings400 PLN2800 PLN


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